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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Disliking this SNOW

Hey guys,

I'm tired of this snow! it's causing a chain reaction, all the humans are staying home with me. And since the humans thinks its cold, they have the need to put this vest on me. I can not bare this much longer.
I will take you down with my paws if I have to - SNOW!

kitty vest
Can't even sleep with a house full of humans~

Silver Meow


  1. When the snow is so bad that even kitties have to wear close, that snow needs to go!

  2. Teleport over here Silver and do a striptease.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Silver, we love your snow jacket, but we hope you don't need to wear it much longer.

  4. We are tired of the snow too...we can't wait for it to leave.

  5. Querida Prata, você está cansada da neve e nós do calor hehehehehe

  6. The sun is out today, but we know it won't take all the snow away... too too tooooooo much for one little sun to melt! We're feelin' ya Silver!

  7. take it down! take it down with your paws and show us!! YEAH! Love your jacket. -Crepes.

  8. silver...red mite bee yur color but ewe iz rite...de vest HAZ ta go....

  9. What a strange idea... Does your mom think you're not furry enough ? Purrs