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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitty Clearing Things Up

Hey Guys,

For the year of 2014, I just wanted to clear things up a bit. I know I'm "handsome" and I wear a gray tux and all. I also rock some awesome bow ties.

But I'm actually a girl kitty. Hehe...
gold bow kitty
I heart bow ties~
Silver Meow


  1. Thank you for your explanation lady Silver Meow ; as your name could be manly or girly, we were not really sure of who you really are ! Purrs

  2. We didn't know that, Silver! It's good to have that made clear, and we apologize if we accidentally used a manly pronoun with you before.

  3. OMC - I should have been calling you sweetie instead of buddy! And, you are gorgeous instead of handsome. (Hiding face in embarrassment) I'm so happy you said something.

  4. Everyone can see you are a girl Silver :)
    Dip and Elliot x

  5. Well, we'll never get confused again, Miss Silver!

  6. Good thing we already knew that you are a girl cat, Silver! :)