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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Special Update!

*Important Notice*

Silver on CatBlog
Furends! i don't know if you notice, but that is me right there (left bottom)!

Here's a close up just in case you missed it~

Good thing i caught that in the corner of my eyes, that crazy human never looks at the important kitty news. She almost missed out! That I made front page of Cat Blogosphere. And look I'm in April, just so happens to be my human's birthday! Coincident? i think NOT!

On another note: Remember to submit your photos to the CB Calender Deadline is Friday, Aug 2nd!


  1. Replies
    1. just got super excited since it was not expected...hehe

  2. silver...awesum photo N we hope ya get fee chured in april on yur momz day oh birth !!!

    1. thanks guys! did you guys submit? hurry and submit!

  3. I saw that!! I was very smitten with the kitten! mol