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Friday, March 8, 2013

My Cat is Sleeping Everywhere~

Hello Cat lovers!

It has come to my attention that Silver has been sleeping everywhere around the house, from the couch, to the middle of the floor and the worse place is the stairs (from my previous post). I don't generally have a problem with it. It's just that I'm terrified that I wake up half asleep at night and I step on her.

I have bought her a bed, but of course. She will not sleep on that. Over the years, I even got her a cute purple house, she doesn't even notice it. The only thing she loves to sleep on, are paper or plastic bags. So I started putting plastic bags on her bed. It is a little ridiculous, but it works. Just don't leave a bag on the floor.

My dad also suggested, whenever I see Silver sleeping in places that I don't want. Wake her up, then pick her up to her bed. This seems like a good conditioning experiment.

Cat sleepz on bag
Zzzz... That'z my Foodz... I Sleepz...where every I wantz.. Zzzzz...

Cat licks face
I can lickz my nose~ yourz turn to show me!


  1. We can't have our own ideas about things, including where we sleep. :)Skipper :)

  2. I also love to sleep on plastic so my mom leaves it in my beds!

    1. i knowz, the floor should be made out of those thingz

  3. Talvez Prata não goste do lugar onde a cama está. A ideia de seu pai parece ser boa.

    1. yes, you are rightz! I dontz like how she feedz me eitherz. I WANT LOTZ AND PLENTYZ!!!